Before, During and After your appointment                                         


                          The day before your appointment


Do not drink any alcohol, as it will thin your blood and may cause more pain. Eat well and drink plenty of water. This helps regulate the blood glucose level in your body. Make sure to stay hydrated. Get a good night of sleep. Don’t be nervous! You’ll love it!

The day of your appointment


Eat a balanced meal approximately 2 hours before your appointment. Low blood sugar can cause fainting and/or dizziness. Continue to drink water to stay hydrated.

Do not take painkillers. They will inhibit your body’s natural ability to release necessary chemicals and hormones. Besides, it will not hurt that bad.

Do not consume any alcohol! It is illegal to tattoo an intoxicated person and it makes the process hurt more. Don’t smoke marijuana, it will actually increase the pain. Alcohol and most painkillers can “thin the blood and affect the quality of your tattoo.

Wear Something loose and make sure it is clothing that you won’t mid getting stained with ink (it is permanent). If you are getting your thigh tattooed, wear a skirt or shorts. If it your chest or stomach, wear a button up shirt. It is easier to tattoo the chosen area and you will not have to be semi-naked.

Take Deep Breaths And RELAX!


After your appointment


Please follow our instructions and recommendations that will be verbally provided to you along with a take home copy for yourself. We take pride in our work and want you to enjoy your tattoo.  If you have questions contact us not your friends.  


We will not be held accountable or be liable for any infections caused after the tattoo for your negligence in following our after-care instructions. If all instructions that we have provided for you are followed, then you should not have any infections.

Stay away from Neosporin, Polysporin and/or any other petroleum based ointments; as they can prevent your tattoo from healing property. 



It’s not just on you, it is you!



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