Hygiene and Safety Precautions                                          


When you get a tattoo, nothing is more important than proper hygiene. Rest assured that our studio is 100%  clean and sterile. Hygiene is a number one priority at Poison I.V. Tattoo Parlour and our studio exceeds the regulatory requirements.

Our machines and accessories are cleaned after every use using a special sterilizer. We use disposable needles/cartridges  that are discarded after every use. Our tattoo artists are trained to use full hygienic gear, including medical grade disinfectants along with nitrile powder free or latex free gloves.

A specialized cleaning team comes into our studio every day and night to polish it down to the last corner. Work surfaces, customer chairs and other contact points are sterilized assiduously on a regular basis.



If you have any questions regarding our hygienic standards, feel free to contact us with your concerns and we will tell you everything you need to know.

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