Lash Lift

Goodbye eyelash curler, hello lash lift!  This innovative treatment lifts lashes directly from the root up!


 What is a lash lift?


A Lash Lift is the newest in semi-permanent lash enhancement that makes the most of your natural lashes.  No extensions required!  Unlike the traditional perming system of wrapping lashes around a sponge rod, which can cause the lashes to over-curl and look short and stubby.  Instead, Lash Lift uses different sized silicone pads in combination with a gentle perming solution.  Each lash is "lifted" individually, creating a perfect curl for your lash length and eye shape.  With lifted lashes, your eyes immediately appear more open and bright.  Your natural lashes appear fuller and longer.


How long does it last and how long is the treatment?


The treatment takes approximately an hour with results lasting 8 - 10 weeks.  Make your eyes pop even more with a lash tint, which can be done at the same time.


What should I do before my appointment?


There is no major preparation required for a lash lift.  It's best not to apply mascara or eye makeup on the day of your appointment.  Possibly keep oil and lotions off your lashes as this can affect the overall process.


Are there any risks associated with the procedure?


Lash Lifts are a relatively gentle and non-invasive procedure.  There is a small risk of an allergic reaction to the lash lift products and those with extremely sensitive or watery eyes may not be the best candidates.



IIs it safe for my eyes?


We use only the most gentle and VEGAN-friendly lash lift products on the market.  All products are designed specifically for use around the eye area and are entirely water-soluble.  Irritation or allergic reactions are very rare and we patch test before every lash lift.



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