Fridays and Saturdays Promo

                                 Terms for $150 Fridays and Saturdays Event

  • First come, first served
  • No sharing or spliting promotion (per person promotion)
  • Must be a maximum of at least one hour's work ( or hourly charges apply)
  • All designs must be as you bring them with no additions or changes
  • All tattoos these days are $150+tax (as long as it's within a hour design)
  • $150 is the minimum charge for this event
  • Colour is permitted for an extra charge (Enquire upon your turn)
  • These tattoos don't depend on size but detail (The more detail, the longer it takes)
  • Preferred artist, is available upon request (may have to wait in line longer, until artist is done with last client)
  • Recommended for simple tattoos, line work and minimal shading tattoos
  • Deposits not required
  • This event or promotion is subject to end without notice
  • If you couldn't get in either day the week of, we will make sure to book you in during yours and ours next available day, while keeping our terms and conditions in tact. We will ensure you get tattooed, even if it doesn't fall on a Friday or Saturday.
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